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US diplomat: The US and Russia agree not to offer bases for Turkey in northern Syria

ΣΧΟΛΙΟ ΙΣΤΟΛΟΓΙΟΥ : Τι λέγαμε εδώ..στα μογγόλια , ΠΡΙΝ όλοι οι άλλοι το πάρουν ακόμα "μυρωδιά"..."Αγκαλιά με τη Ρωσσία είναι ο θείος Σαμ. Μαζί θα σας σκυλεύσουν."
Αλλά η προπαγάνδα της ξενοδουλείας και της υποτέλειας τα παρουσιάζει διαφορετικά ...τα ίδια μας έλεγαν και για την Μένπιτζ και δεν έχουνε αφήσει να πατήσει ποδάρι Τούρκου φαντάρου στην πόλη. Κι εκεί κοινές περιπολίες υποτίθεται θα κάνανε. Οι Κούρδοι θα ενισχύουν τις κρατικές δομές τους, προστατευόμενοι από τους Ουσαίους που τους έχουνε δώσει όπλα για 7 πολέμους και οι Μογγόλοι θα πάρουν τα φρύδια τους.

The US diplomat Edward J. Stafford who served as a military adviser to the United States Embassy in Ankara told North-Press that the US-Turkish agreement regarding the safe zone is initial and narrow and would not bring much change now, and would only ensure that a US-Turkish confrontation wouldn't ignite in the region, which both parties do not want.

"Trump's conviction to stay in Syria comes from the advice of senior military advisers for the urgent need to ensure that extremism wouldn't return, and not to secure Erdogan's political interests. The US side knows that Erdogan wanted to launch a military assault against northern Syria, killing as many Kurds as possible in order to get political gains," Stafford said. 

Stafford pointed out that America's concessions would be slow, such as withdrawing the YPG from areas such as west of Jarablus and it would be gradually, while eastern Syria and the US-backed civilian and military-ruled areas there is a US commitment not to change the status quo.

Stafford believes that what happened in Idlib strengthens Washington's adherence to its positions in eastern Syria, and that Russia is committed to agreements with Turkey where it besieges the Turkish observation post by the Syrian army, which is acting by Russian orders.

"This gives Washington more reasons for not giving Erdogan a political victory, which puts northern Syrian in the hands of opposing forces which are anti-Americanism, and ranges from terrorism to Russia and Iran,” as he said.

According to Stafford, the next phase will bring Erdogan back to his usual political tradition by turning pragmatically on his principles to reap political gains, including: "Putting aside differences with al-Assad to try to achieve the central objectives of Erdogan, such as returning the Syrian refugees to their country amid the Turkish economic crises, although the Syrian refugees are not actually the cause, a large part of the Turkish people are convinced that the refugee crisis is deteriorating the Turkish economy and is destroying the employment opportunities for the Turks.

Stanford sees a US-Russian consensus to not giving Erdogan a fertile ground in northern Syria, that would be as a starting point for terrorist operations such as Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), which Ankara's allies say are not entirely terrorist, while in fact, they are terrorist and unacceptable like most of the armed groups operating in Idlib".

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