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Greece: Audit shows astonishing growth among pro-migration NGOs

ΣΧΟΛΙΟ ΙΣΤΟΛΟΓΙΟΥ : Όλη αυτή η λαθροεισβολή γίνεται με την ΒΟΗΘΕΙΑ του ΚΡΑΤΟΥΣ.! Στην Ελλάδα λειτουργούν 320 Φιλομεταναστευτικές ΜΚΟ....οι οποίες λαμβάνουν τρελά χρήματα!! Μία μόνο από αυτές έλαβε το 2019 23 εκατομμύρια ευρώ, ενώ αποτελούν εκτεταμένες επιχειρήσεις π.χ. μία εξ αυτών είχε το 2019 1.050 υπαλλήλους! Είναι πολλά τα λεφτά Άρη. Κυβέρνηση= μια
μια υπαλληλική συμμορία,τοποθετημένη για να εξυπηρετήσει τα σχέδια της παγκοσμιοποιήσεως και μόνο, και όχι τα εθνικά συμφέροντα.
Οι ΜΚΟ είναι το αφανές χέρι κάθε κυβέρνησης. Διχως την άδεια όχι τής κυβέρνησης αλλά οποιουδήποτε απλού δημάρχου, δεν μπορείς να κάνεις ούτε συναθροιση σε δημόσιο χωρο τριών ατόμων, όχι να δραστηριοποιήσεις ΜΚΟ. Ολα γίνονται με τις συναινέσεις και θα πω και τη στήριξη τών κυβερνώντων.
The first round of audits carried out by Greece’s National Transparency Authority on pro-migration NGOs operating in the country revealed astonishing growth among some of them.

The main goals of the project are to bring order to the anarchic landscape which NGOs operate in and to examine whether the services provided by the NGOs is proportional to the money that they’re receiving, Proto Thema reports.

The investigation, which is the first of its kind, is set to delve deeply into the finances and activities of 15 to 20 percent of the 320 pro-migration NGOs which operate in Greece. The auditing authority says that it hopes to gain an intimate understanding of pro-migration NGOs activities by this fall. So far, the first round of audits of the NGOs has revealed astonishing growth not seen an any other business sectors.

While some NGOs received tens of millions of euros in revenue, another has increased the number of employees in their organization by more than twenty fold. One NGO went from having 50 employees in 2013 to 1,050 in 2019. Another organization, which reported no income five years ago, somehow managed to rake in 23 million euros in 2019.

“After a complaint and evaluation of data on the operation and financial management of private entities operating in the field of immigration policy, audits were carried out in five Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs),” the National Transparency Authority said.

In the coming days, the activities of ten additional NGOs whose activities have been deemed of interest to the authority will be reviewed.

Pro-migration NGOs working across southern Europe have repeatedly been accused of working alongside human traffickers to realize their political objectives.

So far, the Hungarian government is this only European government which has taken decisive action to stop NGOs who aid illegal migration. In 2018, Viktor Orban’s government overwhelmingly passed the “Stop Soros” bill – a bill which allows the government to imprison individuals who aid of illegal immigrants.


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